Sunday, August 27, 2006

Keeping it simple

I am still soooooo busy with work. Blogging continues to suffer. I decided to keep it simple and just view and comment and make a quick entry until. Reminds me of a story I heard at a meeting which I will relay in a future post ;)

  • Sunday morning ... no hangover
  • Sirloins on the grill

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I am off to the Saturday morning meeting. I heard reports of massive traffic jams in and around the meeting hall this morning... must be the awesome speaker they have planned for today (guess who LOL). I used to look forward to speaking (when nobody asked). Now they ask sometimes and I don't look forward to it. Of course my fascist sponsor would have me put in AA prison if I declined so I would never consider saying no. The prankster in me want's to just tell em' "Bills Story" and see if they notice.

Seriously I am always grateful to be asked to participate in AA ... and besides, speaking is less physical work than setting up ;)

I went to dinner with my daughter, grand daughter and her father last night. We went to TGI Fridays'. I swear there was an over abundence of unaccompanied women there. My daughter suggested I take my grand daughter around the place and find her a nice grandmother. She enjoys busting my stones.

I'm still working too much but it is considered amends untlil the end of August... kind of like THIS . Just keep trudgin'

  • I have a job
  • Being asked to do stuff (anything) in AA
  • I didn't hit on drunk potential grandmom's in TGI Friday's :p
  • I'm the coolest youngest lookin' "pop-pop" I know :-) <--- momentary lapse of humility

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Too Busy ... and I'll pass on the shrooms dude

It's been said that if you're too busy to make a meeting you're probably too busy. I haven't missed any of my regular meetings, but I have been too busy at work and have had to lay off the blogging unfortunately.

I am short handed and the trip back east, buried me. I am still digging out. I have been doing some work at home, but that needs to come to an end. I generally don't make a meeting on Tuesday, but I think I will tonight.

In related news ... why spend all that time working steps and stuff. The Economist Magazine of all places reports (sorry premium content) that researchers have determined that people who take "magic mushrooms" have legitimate spiritual experiences ... AND for months afterwards report increased satisfaction and improved outlook on life. The Shroomies are no doubt tickled pink and purple and yellow and blue with the free publicity.

Anyway ... I knew it was coming. Toward the end of the article was the requisite claim that this research could have application in the treatment of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism. HaaaaHaaaa!! (note the use of double exclamation marks). And those old timers thought AA has changed now. Wait till the newcomers start rollin' up in here fresh off their detox trips.

No time for that now ... I'll get back to you. ;)

  • Health
  • God's Grace
  • Brushing my teeth in the morning (with my own toothbrush no less)
  • Going to sleep at night (with my own pillow no less)
  • I get my spiritual awakening the old fashioned way ... first I hit bottom, spend years in pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization, stoop so low as to go to "AA", bang my head against the wall, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, talk crap, finally get a sponsor, listen to crap, work steps, balk, work more steps, balk some more, make others work steps, listen to them balk, one day turn around and say "hey this ain't so bad ... in fact it's pretty cool"... No, I'll pass on the shrooms dude :)

Friday, August 04, 2006


Sunset over the bay Sea Isle City NJ

Sunrise over the Atlantic, Sea Isle City NJ

I am back from the east coast. Friday afternoon I am standing in the TSA security line at PHL listening to a 3 year old scream non-stop at the top of his lungs ... I mean non-stop as in he just kept screaming and screaming and screaming almost without breathing.

12 days of high 90's, 110% humidity and a broken AC unit at the office and I just want to get back to Phoenix and cool off. I pity the poor folks who have to be on the plane with the little screaming banshee... Haahaaaa ... turns out that would be self pity! The little brat is going to Phoenix too. He proceeded to scream for 5 hours until the plane landed at which time he finally shut his yap. I think half the passangers wanted to punch the poor mom in the nose for not taking a more proactive approach to family planning. Fortunately I had my headphones and my serenity prayer ;)

Work went so-so, I got to do some visiting and make some meetings at the old home group which was all good. I also got to visit my first sponsor down the Jersey Shore which was nice. We have no ocean in Phoenix ... lot's of beach but no ocean.

I don't know why this combination of signs caught my attention but it did ... prolly' some Freudian thing.

My jetlag is kicking in big time so the gratitude list is short:
  • Low Humidity
  • I'm Sober
  • An abundance of God's beutiful gifts (if I just slow down long enough to enjoy them) and yes that includes screaming 3 year olds :-)